Pick A Trick - Any Trick!

Add even more fun to the party by offering magic tricks as a giveaway for all the kids or assemble a few tricks as a gift for the birthday child!

All items (except the wands) come individually boxed with full instructions and are easy to learn.

No shipping and handling charges apply if merchandise is delivered on the day of the party.

"Mini Magic Lessons" by Jeff are also available.

Please call or email for for availability.

Fantasma Amazing Magic Show

The perfect surprise for the birthday child or a budding magician!
s complete magic set is filled very entertaining and easy to work with magic effects and props.
The magic is great for children 5+ and teens love it too!
The boxed set contains over 50 cool tricks
that will enable the magician to: change sugar into candy,
make an oversize die magically vanish and reappear, produce money from thin air, have balls penetrate through solid cups,
and even make small objects appear from within an empty box!
These effects (and more!) along with a fun instructional DVD. $25


Magic Wands

A magic wand is probably the first prop every magician buys. These are black plastic magic wands with white tips, 13" x 1/2".
Great for goody bags!  $2


Magical Block

This easy to do trick will amaze your friends. Place a penny on a table, cover it with the block. Remove the block, and the penny has changed into a dime! You can also make a coin vanish with this clever piece of apparatus. The block can be examined.  $3

Cups and Balls

Three solid cups are shown. Three unprepared balls are shown. The balls then penetrate the bottom of each cup, time and time again. No sleight of hand is involved. This is a great foundation for the budding magician to begin with. One of the oldest tricks in magic.  $3


Drawer Box

This trick allows the magician to perform a wide variety of stunning tricks.
Show the drawer empty. Close it. Upon reopening the box, a dollar bill, coin or other small object appears!
Can be used to vanish items, too!  $3


Card Case

Imagine being able to change any card into any other card - with no sleight of hand! How about making a torn card become whole again? Causing a spectator's message to become imprinted with a special message from the magician?

The Miracle Card Case allows you to do this, and much, much more.  $3


Vanishing Coin Pedestal

A borrowed quarter or any other coin of similar size is placed on a pedestal and covered with a cap. When the cap is lifted the coin is seen to have vanished. The cap is seen to be clearly empty.

When you pick up the pedestal and "accidentally" shake it, a coin is heard rattling inside the pedestal. The base of the pedestal is opened and a clear plastic disc appears which says " Thanks for the Quarter".

The same apparatus to produce, vanish or change a coin.  $3

Ball Vase

The perfect magic trick for beginners. A ball is displayed in a handsome 3 1/2" vase. The magician removes the ball from the vase and places it in his pocket. Suddenly, the ball reappears inside the vase. $3

Email Jeff Horton or call 203-710-9446 for availability and rates.